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Discover the Power of Optometric Multi-Sensory Training at Barajas Vision Clinic

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At Barajas Vision Clinic, we believe in the life-changing potential of Optometric Multi-Sensory Training (OMST). Our commitment to offering this unique multisensory training stems from its remarkable impact on patients worldwide. We're trying to make OMST accessible to individuals seeking relief from various challenges.

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Unlocking the Brain's Multisensory Potential

As humans, we all begin with just one sensory neural network from birth. However, as we grow and develop, our brains embark on a crucial journey to acquire subcortical multi-neuronal processing abilities. This critical stage of learning is essential for children to transition to cortical-based learning successfully.

OMST plays a pivotal role in facilitating a child's development of multi-sensory processing. Conditions like autism, ADHD, behavioral disorders, and general learning difficulties may delay this skill.

A Lifeline for Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Patients

Traumatic brain injuries, including concussions, often disrupt the neuro-pathways responsible for multi-sensory processing. These disruptions can lead to persistent symptoms associated with mild traumatic brain injuries.

OMST acts as a beacon of hope for concussed individuals. It helps patients relearn the subconscious skill of multi-sensory filtering through a safe, non-cognitive, and controlled protocol. This therapy can significantly alleviate symptoms linked to post-concussion syndrome, as supported by our research.

Cracking the Code of Concussion Recovery

OMST is more than just a rehabilitation protocol; it's a transformative subconscious and conscious therapy blend. This unique approach combines optometric phototherapy, vestibular stimulation, auditory stimulation, and somatosensory input with optometric vision therapy.

Under the supervision of Barajas Vision Clinic’s trained professionals, patients undergo 12 consecutive days of in-clinic therapy. Subsequently, they continue their journey with 18 days of home-based treatment. For those requiring extra support, we offer personalized, in-office booster sessions.

Navigating Neuro-Retracing

During OMST, some participants may experience neuro-retracing, the brief resurfacing of past symptoms and dysfunctions. While this retracing process may include pain, discomfort, or behavioral changes, it's vital to lasting recovery.

Unlocking Your Child's Potential

For children facing developmental and learning delays, OMST can be a game-changer. Many delays stem from insufficient multi-sensory processing skills, hindering their engagement in daily life.

OMST is a tool that assists children in mastering the art of multi-sensory modulation subconsciously. It is especially beneficial for children who experience sensory processing disorders due to ADHD, anxiety, or autism. OMST helps children feel more at ease and self-assured in their environment, allowing them to engage in all aspects of life fully.

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Barajas Vision Clinic: Transforming Lives, Unlocking Potential

Whether you're a concussion survivor seeking a brighter future or a parent wanting to empower your child, OMST could be your answer. Connect with us at Barajas Vision Clinic and embark on your journey to a world of comfort, clarity, and boundless possibilities with optometric multi-sensory training.