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Misdiagnosis: ADHD or Visual Problems?

Vision TherapyHas your child been having a tough time at school? They’re not alone. 

Around 6 million kids in the United States are affected by ADHD, which can make it hard for them to learn and concentrate. Falling behind in school can also affect your child’s self-esteem and motivation. 

But what if it's not ADHD - or not just ADHD? Some kids diagnosed with ADHD may have an underdeveloped visual system or visual problems that hinder them in school.  

That's why it's crucial to get their visual system checked by an eye doctor who diagnoses and treats visual deficits. Call us at Dr. Juan Barajas in Mission to schedule a functional eye exam for your kiddo.

Visual Problems vs. ADHD

Both visual problems and ADHD cause some of the same symptoms, including difficulty reading and/or writing, inattentiveness, and poor concentration and memory skills. Children with either or both of these issues tend to struggle with schoolwork and homework and become frustrated by their lack of progress. They may shy away from assignments and act out in class. Many have low self-confidence. 

But sometimes, children who have ADHD also have problems with their visual processing or visual skills. And sometimes children with visual problems have been misdiagnosed with ADHD. 

Getting the right diagnosis is crucial since the wrong diagnosis leads to the wrong treatment. 

How Are Problems With the Visual System Diagnosed?

Many children get their eyesight checked during a school-based vision screening. Unfortunately, these basic screenings do little more than evaluate whether a child is nearsighted or farsighted. 

The best way to determine the strength of your child’s visual skills and their brain’s ability to process visual information is with a functional vision exam. 

If visual problems are identified, the eye doctor will collaborate with you to develop a tailored plan, including vision therapy, customized glasses, or a blend of both.

Vision Therapy in Mission

Vision therapy is a treatment that helps to improve visual skills and visual processing. It’s typically used for individuals with visual problems such as strabismus, amblyopia, and visual-motor difficulties. 

The therapy involves a series of customized activities and exercises that are designed to challenge and improve visual skills, such as eye coordination, tracking, and focusing. These exercises are performed under the supervision of an eye doctor and are often performed in a one-on-one setting. 

Vision therapy can be highly effective for improving visual skills and can help individuals to better perform daily activities, such as reading, writing, and playing sports.

Many kids start to see improvement within weeks of starting vision therapy. So, if you're concerned about your child's struggles at school, don't hesitate to schedule a functional vision exam. Vision therapy might be the key to unlocking your child's potential in the classroom.

Contact us at Dr. Juan Barajas in Mission to book an appointment today. 

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